Masaba Gupta and Rhea Kapoor take a swing at Diet Sabya and its 'gandi copy' posts & its clap back response is equal parts spicy and defensive!


Fashion mavens, Masaba Gupta and Rhea Kapoor recently released a range of ensembles as a collab-project and needless to say, it's been a treat! But nevertheless, they were called out by Diet Sabya for their allegedly photoshopped photos. 

This isn't the first time they were targeted personally by the plagiarism reporter. When asked about their views on the same, they didn't shy away from spilling hot-n-sweet comments about the Instagram page and his posts. 


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When asked about her views, Masaba said, "This to me I think it has become a bit personal. They’re picking on how someone looks. I mean isn’t the whole point of Instagram is to be a little bit more positive about everybody else? You’re picking on how someone’s stomach looks or how someone is badly dressed, but to them, they must be the best dresser in the World. So, the job focus has moved which I don’t like, having said that I think they started off on a great note, if they went back to that then that’s great. But I think they owe every designer and design house an explanation.”

Rhea added, "Everyone got inspired by something or the other. Now how do you draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism? If you claim to be the person that can draw the line, my suggestion for you is to do as much homework as possible... I’m just saying that if you’re going to be someone who claims to tell the truth then tell it."

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In its defense, the page posted a long clap-back message that read "Diet Sabya stands by/for a lot of things. What we don’t stand for is entitlement and acquisitions that don’t hold true. We don’t owe any explanations to anyone. We are also not going to sit here and count the number of ways we’ve been helpful to young designers, and the fashion community-at-large. We are saving that for a memoir (LOL). However, it is important to state facts. We DO NOT comment on bodies and appearances. We don’t even comment on hair & make-up. We don’t comment on cosmetic surgeries, botox, fillers, etc. Reason? It is simply not our place to do so. We comment on FASHION. And, we are the first ones to call out photoshop. And, we will continue to do so. Because it is important. Because 2020! Because one cannot claim to be a beacon of hope for the body-inclusive community if they choose to photoshop their images to an extent where it starts looking like a blur tool went on a field trip. We are also the first ones to rectify if we fuck up. Because if you can dish it, you should be able to take it too. Lastly, we would also like to point out that the people on the Internet are extremely smart. They are aware and can see through gimmicks. So, even if Diet Sabya ceases to exist tomorrow, the Internet will always be there to remind us that we need to do better. It will definitely be there to call us out our collective bullshit. That’s all!' 

Whoa, that just got heavy! What are your thoughts? 


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