Jennifer Lopez's third stint with SNL gave us a hearty monologue, an insight on her proposal and a peek of the iconic VERSACE dress!


Jennifer Lopez and her iconic Versace dress will be written in golden ink while computing the history of fashion. And every time we see it, we simply want more! 

Well, blessing our new week, JLo wore her iconic jungle dress as she hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) for the third time and you have to see the snippet! 



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JLo blessed us with a well-composed monologue where she spoke about her splendid year, turning 50, selling-out an entire tour, starring in Hustlers and getting engaged to Alex Rodriguez. "I got what every girl from the Bronx dreams of: proposed to by a Yankee... And I slayed the Met Gala. And that's not a brag. A doctor diagnosed it on the spot as a fourth-degree slay." Well, sure it was!



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During a rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town during her monologue, Lopez sang and ventured out into the crowd to interact with audience members. But when she returned to the stage, she ripped off her chic tuxedo to reveal THAT iconic green Versace dress and oh boy, we're floored! 

Take a look: 



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She had previously pulled the same stint on one of her earlier SNL shows and honestly, we're totally digging this tradition! Well, here's the question...which one do you think was better? We believe the 2019 bit did it for us! 



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What are your thoughts? 


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