On Kareena’s show Swara Bhasker admits her film Raanjhanaa glorified stalking


Bollywood films have often come under the scanner of highlighting social evils like eve-teasing, stalking, objectifying women and voyeurism as accepted norms and a way to get the heroine. However, of late several filmmakers and actors are realizing their mistake and trying to rectify their mistake. In one such instance, Swara Bhasker who appeared on Kareena Kapoor’s radio show What Women Want, accepted the fact that her film Raanjhanaa glorified stalking.

Swara’s film Raanjhanaa was panned by many for glorifying stalking. In the film Dhanush’s character stalks Sonam’s to the point that she finally is impressed by his consistency. Swara said that she realized the need for awareness during Raanjhanaa and said, “Bindiya was one of my favourite characters and I really liked that film. My boyfriend (writer Himanshu Sharma) had written it. When it came out, it got panned by feminists for glorifying stalking. Ki aapne stalking ko aur chhed-chhaad ko ek khaas kism ka cute banake dikhaya. Mere ko bohot din tak lagta raha ki nahi yaar, that's not true. Yeh humara intention nahi tha.”

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However, as time passed Swara realized the mistake in the film and realized that there is some merit to the argument. Talking about it she said on the show, “But then as time passed, I was like, actually, maybe yes. There is an element of... Because woh kahaani itni Dhanush ke character ke perspective se hai.” She further said that actors should not get offended but hear out the argument when such criticism comes their way.

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On the show, Kareena asked her whether Bollywood should make more socially responsible films and to this Swara said, “I think so. I think aware hona zaroori hai. I always feel ki films kahaani hai. Woh naara nahi hai, manifesto nahi hai kisi bhi political party ya kisi movement ka. Woh kisi textbook ka chapter nahi hai feminism par ya kisi bhi aur 'ism' par. Woh ek kahaani hai. Whatever you are showing, the drive and emotionality has to be correct. Still, I think it's good to be aware and I feel it's a learning process."

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many actors have taken cognizance of the fact that their past films and songs have given a wrong message to the society and may have influenced the youth in an incorrect way. Even Aamir Khan spoke about the song Khambe Jaisi Khadi Hai from his film Dil that objectifies women to such an extent that he is extremely ashamed of it now. Even Shah Rukh Khan has accepted the fact that his character of Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was extremely creepy and he will not do the role today if the film was offered to him.

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