The current track of the show is training me for the future endeavours: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum actor Karan V Grover


Show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum that started off as a story of an actor and a doctor, and the different lives they live, has maintained its relatability with a common man, even now as Dr. Rohit Sippy (played by Karan V Grover), is now stuck between his wife and his mother. A situation most married men find themselves in.

After marriage, just like any other newly-wed bride, Sonakshi (played by Dipika Kakkar), too, had to adhere to family responsibilities as well as maintain balance between her personal and professional life. While we see only the female side of the story, we forget that men too, get stuck between his wife and his family especially his mother after marriage; on whose side should he take. It may sound like a funny situation but in reality, it can hamper relations.

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Talking about this situation in his personal life, Karan V Grover said, “Currently, on the show, I am stuck between my mother and my wife, Sonakshi. I believe it is a very relatable situation and since I am not married I assume many men go through this. Now that I am in the same situation fictionally as I am playing Dr. Rohit Sippy, I feel I am training for my future endeavors. Though I sincerely hope I don't go through any of this for real, ever.”

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